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You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

tony the scribe and Ananya Dance Theatre,
just breathe

The air in your lungs is composed of 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, and 0.04% carbon dioxide.

Breathe out.

The carbon dioxide you just exhaled is filling up the air around you. If it lingered around your mouth and nose, you would start to cough, your lungs trying desperately to pull oxygen in. As carbon dioxide concentrations rise, we find ourselves literally breathless.

Breathe in.

How easily are you able to get what you need from the air around you? do your lungs allow you to breathe deeply? for communities of color, highway construction and industrial zoning have long worn lungs down, children and elders alike struggling to pull oxygen from polluted air.

Just breathe.

just breathe is a performance installation fixing the environmental violence done to communities of color in physical space. Located in the Rondo neighborhood, where the city of Saint Paul bulldozed their way through the most prosperous black community in Minnesota to make room for I-94, visitors will come face-to-face with dancers trapped in a glass cage, smog rising around them. they will dance until they are invisible. Will you see them?

You can read more about just breathe in a conversation between tony the scribe and Northern Assistant Curator, Elle Thoni here.

Dancers will be performing with the installation at the following times:

2:15-2:35 AM


tony the scribe is anxious, and his work reflects that, colored by a sense of impending consequences—be they social decay or just a really bad hangover. Best known as a rapper, producer, and performance artist, just breathe is his first installation. tony lives in minneapolis, where he worries.

Ananya Dance Theatre is a professional company comprised primarily of women artists of color and self-described cultural activists, dancing to engage audiences through visual and emotional experiences, build community, and move toward equity and beauty. The company combines the metaphor and poetry of Contemporary Indian Dance with a philosophy of social justice to create original dance theater about the work and dreams of women globally. Its mission is People Powered Dances of Transformation™.


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Rondo - Lexington Pkwy High School for Recording Arts: 1166 University Ave W, St Paul, MN

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8:59pm - 5:26am



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