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Sara-Yezih Art Group,
Getting Diverse in Global Warming

By combining canvas paintings, 3D landscape models, audio-visual effects and animations, Getting Diverse in Global Warming constructs larger-than-life shadow box worlds that visualize the impacts of global warming on our precious Earth and the multitudes of species that live on it. Artists Sara Endalew and Yezihalem Mesfin use their combined experience in visual art and technology to highlight the effects of global warming such as drought, flooding and scarcity of living resources that forces people to migrate and demographics to shift.

Using clever timeline animation, Getting Diverse in Global Warming shows how the actions of people (individually and collectively) in one part of the world affect people in a different part of the world, due to the prevalence of activities that result to the emission of greenhouse gases.

Sara-Yezih Art Group consists of:

Sara Endalew was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She has an associate degree in Fine Arts from Addis Ababa University specializing in sculpture and painting. She participated in several group art shows in Ethiopia and in the Twin Cities. She is one of the selected 2017 St. Paul Almanac impressionists.

Yezihalem Mesfin is a full time Biomedical engineer and a hobbyist artist who likes painting, wood carving, glass staining, animation and audio-visual effects.


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Little Africa - Snelling Ave On Sherburne Ave, around the corner from 510 Snelling Ave N, Saint Paul

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8:59pm - 5:26am
Sara Endalew
(works) Twin Cities, MN
Yezihalem Mesfin
(b.) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
(works) Eden Prairie, MN