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You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

Preston Drum,
Traffic Jam Scene

Cars jam the highway, you’re running late and every radio station seems to be playing commercials—the commute can be a real drag! Feeling trapped by your routine? Why not band together with the other drivers and manifest an escape? Imagine a world where we aren’t isolated beings sitting in tin cans wasting time and fuel but rather creative entities embarking on a mission to save the world! Join us for Traffic Jam Scene, an interactive installation where you can take in an original superhero action flick from the comfort of our custom built cardboard cars. You and the other drivers play the most important role in this scene as you return to the real world ready to lighten your carbon footprint. All ages are welcome to this traffic jam turned drive-in movie theatre, though parental guidance is suggested. Show times are not set. Presentations run on a loop. Traffic fines doubled when workers are present.


Preston Drum’s multimedia work explores notions of memory and performance through non-linear storytelling. His interactive installations often frame the audience as a participant in the art. He has been exhibited throughout the country at venues such as Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, The Minneapolis Institute of Art and The Walker Art Center.

Nick Barsness is an aspiring filmmaker currently studying Cinema Production at Minneapolis Community Technical College. He has collaborated with Preston Drum on a previous installation and video called “Living Room Scene” that was recently on exhibition at Kolman and Pryor Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. His influences include the auteurs Ingmar Bergman and Francis Ford Coppola. He’s currently crafting a noir inspired screenplay called, La Mano Nera, a story of three characters in 1960’s Los Angeles.


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The Commons - U.S. Bank Stadium 425 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis

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8:59pm - 5:26am



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Nick Barsness
(b.) Minneapolis, MN
(works) Minneapolis, MN