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You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

Million Artist Movement,
Relative Water Liquid Spirit: Healing Art Structure and Creative Environment

There is a story to be told, rising up from the accumulation of time and creating conditions that are dense with surprises; there are mysteries falling here. These mysteries follow the path of least resistance, waiting for you to drop in and know what is below the surface. On a night that is still warm from the run off sun and lit with crystal clear colors is a place where we can pick up the clues that may begin to unravel these mysteries. You know you’ve found this place when the wind whispers smoldering flowers and herbs, vibrations gently tremble the air, hammering-thunder strikes, and vibrant colors weave our past presents with our current futures. This place is called Relative Water Liquid Spirit (RWLS).

Join the Million Artist Movement for RWLS, an art space inspired by the water cycle where you can create an art installation using wood, nails, fabric, and yarn; a place that encourages revealing, reflecting, rooting, and shifting our identities. A conversation space to share ideas will be available for whoever wishes to participate. This space is meant to be healing, welcome to all, a POCI organized/welcome, LGBTQ+ organized/welcome, and accessible to all.


Million Artist Movement is composed of Jayanthi Kyle, Donald Thomas, Maria Asp, Alizarin Menninga-Fong, & Caspian Wirth-Petrik are members of the Million Artist Movement formation.

Donald Thomas is a graphic designer, community artist that works with fabric mixed media art, and infuses his work with the universal energy of love, healing, knowledge, and freedom. Donald holds space with Nell Pierce and Olivia Leven-Holden at Studio Thalo in South Minneapolis. He creates healing community art projects.

Maria Asp is the Director of the Neighborhood Bridges Program with the Children’s Theater Company. She is an actress with the Frank Theater and is a musician in the polka band The Six Smiley Faces and the New Joys of Jell-o.

Alizarin Menninga-Fong works as a community health advocate and printmaking artist. She coordinates the Twin Cities People of Color and Indigenous Peoples’ Figure Drawing and Painting Group. Both Maria and Alizarin knit with the Yarn Mission.

Caspian Wirth-Petrik is a community member, cranial sacral bodyworker, dancer with Don’t You Feel It Too?, and soul medic with Psychological First Aid.

Jayanthi Kyle is a singer with many local groups including Gospel Machine, Romantica, and Bain. She promotes spiritual healing through song and youth-building.


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Little Africa - Snelling Ave In parking lot behind Fasika: 510 N Snelling, Saint Paul

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8:59pm - 5:26am
Million Artist Movement