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Julie Reneé Benda,
Land Raft

All Aboard! Huck Finn’s River may never be the same, so mobilizing along the Mississippi Floodplain takes a new type of training. Changes in temperature, higher intensity rains and sea level rise will alter sediment distribution, landslides and erosion along our lakes, rivers and coastlines. In this cautionary tale, local and global changes to the earth beneath our feet are confronted with a simulation of what it means to keep our land afloat. As the boundaries of land and water dramatically shift, participants will work together to relocate 5 tons of sand onto a unique life/land raft set to sail. Prepare to suit up and get dirty, this is the place where every grain counts.


Julie Reneé Benda is originally from the Keweenaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan. Her background in agriculture, forest ecology and ethno-botany informs her commitment to exploring art’s role in engaging with the animate and ever-shifting landscapes of our origin.

Angela Robins is is a Minneapolis-based woodworker and educator, inspired by the curved forms found in Scandinavian and Japanese wooden crafts, in particular the boat and bowl. Made from natural materials with tried and tested designs, these wooden forms inspire a sense of connection to nature, history and place.


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Union Depot - Lowertown across the street from CHS field

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8:59pm - 5:26am



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(b.) Houghton, MI
(works) Minneapolis, MN
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