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You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

Rage to Order,
Domination Corporation

Jump into the timeline of an urban community and witness what happens when a predatory corporation enters the cultural ecosystem. Created by artists, musicians and performers from the Lowertown art community, Domination Corporation is a participatory installation that features a stage set replica of a city block complete with interactive storefronts. Over the course of the night the installation transforms, altering the way that viewers are allowed to participate.

Using gentrification as a lens, Domination Corporation sheds light on the destructive nature of the “profit first” mentality that rules global economy and lends justification to the endless expansion of corporations. Significantly, this mentality has enabled cultural destruction through colonization and gentrification while simultaneously contributing to the destruction of the environment. The project illuminates the interconnection of climate and culture and observes that healthy ecosystems and healthy social systems share a common organizational structure built on diversity. The goal of illuminating the parallel between culture chaos and climate chaos is to expose the shared thought pattern that underpins them both and spark a conversation about intersectional approaches to addressing the problem.


Based in the historic Lowertown Arts District, Rage to Order is an artist led initiative that designs and stages interdisciplinary, community art events in St. Paul, MN. Founded in 2011, the initiative is spearheaded by Rachel Wacker and is maintained by a rotating roster of collaborating artists.

Tara Weatherly is the principal dancer and co-founder of the performance group, Sendero Flamenco. In 2011, she opened Studio Sendero to share the art of flamenco through classes and collaborations. A resident of Lowertown since 2006, Tara serves on the Lowertown First Fridays Committee and is an active community volunteer.

Rachel Wacker is a contemporary figure artist, curator and community-art facilitator. Since 2009, she has co-produced dozens of art happenings including: 100 Love Signs, The Jax Wake, Mears Park Muse and INSIDE OUT Lowertown. Rachel works for the St. Paul Saints as the director of the Saints’ Community Art Initiative.

Contributing Artists & Performers:

Ivory Doublette
Laura Mason
Rick Muelhbach
Zack Jones
Helen Chorolec
Michael Savage
Mike Ziegahn
Caroline Mecklin
Josh Intemann
Elaine Harries
Alex Kuno
Kristi Abbott
Kenneth Schweiger
Julie Peters Krohn
Michael McColl
Cynthia Urhich
Carl Atiya Swanson
Nick Barron
Pocket of Resistance
Hot Date
Megatron and Friends
Sendero Flamenco
Dave Bellmont-Kinostadt Films


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Union Depot - Lowertown in front of CHS Field

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8:59pm - 5:26am



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