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Run Free Productions,
She doesn’t cry but tears keep falling

A performance installation about water as a life force and access to it in the form of a river. The installation will explore what community members are aware of when it comes to having a connection to water. What does it means to care for our water, and who’s responsibility is it? What sort of nurturing in the form of gestures can we offer our rivers?

Watch and reflect:
How can we show our rivers we’re watching, caring and flowing with them? Offer a gesture, how does the gesture reflect back on us as citizens? Who has the agency to care for our rivers?

At the top of every hour from 9PM-3AM, there will be a performance lasting between 20-30 mins.


Run Free Productions is made up of:

Katie Ka Vang – Artistic Director
Khamphian Vang – Textile Artist
Christina Vang – Digital Artist
Cameron Yang – Production Handler
Special thanks to Evie, and AEDA.


Presented by


Little Mekong - Western Ave In the window front of 422 University Ave. Suite 14- Asian Economic Development Association

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8:59pm - 5:26am
Katie Ka Vang
(b.) Santa Ana
(works) Minneapolis, MN