You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

Yes, Let’s!,
Climate Carnival Sideshow

Step right up to the Climate Carnival Sideshow, where the realities of local sustainability and climate issues are brought to light. Participants will engage with exhibits and games while thinking and learning about how their everyday actions impact their world on a local and global scale. While the future state of the world may appear dismal, currently, there are many actions individuals can take to change this trajectory and reduce their global footprint. Through interaction and gameplay, participants will learn what actions can influence global change, and make a pledge to start with small, tangible steps that will positively impact our communities on a local and global scale.


A designer, engineer, musician, improvisor, and educational mentor who loves to bridge multidisciplinary divides. Rory Alt is a UMN alumni with a physics B.S. working as a software engineer. Outside of work, he enjoys testing the limits of his 3D-printer, composing music, mentoring product design students, petting cats, and dressing vibrantly.

Yes, Lets! is also composed of:
David Brajkovic:
Engineer with a twist! David dangles on the thin line of the scientific and creative artist. He loves electro-mechanical widgets, optical illusions and wave like behavior. When he is not engineering he mentors product design students and works on various creative projects.

Krystianna Johnson:
Krystianna works as an educator for the University of Minnesota product design department and Minnesota Children’s Museum. She is passionate about creating, coordinating, and facilitating experiences for people to engage with. She loves game-playing, animal-cuddling, adventure-going, and googly-eyeing everything in sight. Her spirit animal is a catstronaut.

Liz Wolner:
Product Engineer by trade, creative enthusiast by design. Liz strives to combine her love for art and science in everything she does. In her free time, she enjoys: tasting new foods, drinking new beverages, playing music, knitting elephant sweaters, dancing, mentoring students, and taking on projects with Yes, Let’s!.

Max Mcgee:
Senior at the University of Minnesota studying mechanical engineering and minoring in product design. This is his second Northern Spark! In his free time he enjoys tinkering with electronics and playing around with laser cutters.

Katrina Mutuc:
Katrina is a senior in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. In addition to building with Yes Let’s!, she assists as a lab instructor with the University’s Toy Product Design class and supports the budding Asian American College Excellence (AACE) Project. She also enjoys morning coffee, dance, and shopping.

Claudia Dubé:
Claudia is a junior at the University of Minnesota studying graphic and product design. She enjoys coffee, waffles, and talking cat naps with her kitten Milo.


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The Commons - U.S. Bank Stadium 425 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis

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8:59pm - 5:26am



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Rory Alt
(b.) Marine on St Croix, MN
(works) Minneapolis, MN
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