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You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

Background Stories,
String Survey: Drawing the Line on Climate

Like the effects of climate change, our individual actions accumulate over time. In String Survey, participants are invited to answer a series of questions about our climate crisis, and witness how their personal stance on the issue compares or contrasts with others’. The artist team — Background Stories: Arlene Birt, Nichole Goodwell, Randy Walker and Jack Becker — will create a fun, engaging and interactive walk-through environment that grows throughout the night into an artistic visualization of our collective thoughts and opinions on climate. By moving through the space and attaching colored strings to poles in response to a carefully sequenced series of questions, participants will shed light on where they stand on addressing climate risk and consider the action steps they can take.


Background Stories is a design collective that translates complex ideas into visual stories to help people better understand sustainability. We work in a variety of media including infodesign and site-specific interaction. Our work communicates the significance of our actions so we can make responsible choices for ourselves and future generations.

Jack Becker is the founder and Director of Community Services at Forecast Public Art. As an artist with experience in theater and visual arts, Becker applies his creativity to projects that connect the ideas and energies of artists with the needs and opportunities of communities.

Arlene Birt is an infodesigner, visual storyteller, public artist and educator. As the founder of Background Stories, she works with organizations in the U.S., E.U. and U.K. Birt also teaches design techniques in the Entrepreneurial Studies Department at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Nichole Goodwell is the Creative Producer at Background Stories. Her work focuses on sustainability, local food systems, and the arts — aiming to foster social, environmental, and cultural innovation through visual communications.

Randy Walker is a practicing public artist based in Minneapolis. Walker focuses his artistic energies on creating large-scale sculptural work in the public realm that engages the sites, contexts, histories, and communities within which he works.


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The Commons - U.S. Bank Stadium Line of trees at the corner of South 5th Street and Park Avenue

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