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Aki Shibata,
Dear Earth

Dear Earth is a love letter writing, reading, and listening project. Participants will be invited to get in touch with their love of the natural world and write a love letter to Earth. After the writing, they will read the love letter out loud and record it; the recording will become a part of an all-night love letter to Earth radio show produced in collaboration with Frogtown Radio.

WFNU 94.1 Frogtown Radio will broadcast the recordings for the duration of the Northern Spark festival. ​The project encourages a personal connection with earth and promotes a different perspective toward climate change: What if we all treated earth like it was our loved one? Would we change our behavior?


Aki Shibata ​was born in Japan. She creates places and ways to let people meet their fears, honesty and peace. Her artworks are an examination of human consciousness, body and mindfulness in public and gallery spaces. She incorporates the essence of regular life into her artistic process and practice.

John Colburn is the author of Invisible Daughter and Psychedelic Norway. He is also a publisher/editor in the Spout Press collective and a creative writing teacher at the Perpich Center for Arts Education and at Hamline University. He lives in Saint Paul, MN.

Team Credits: Simona Zappas, WFNU Frogtown radio


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Little Mekong - Western Ave In parking lot behind 394 University Ave W, Saint Paul, near Little Mekong Plaza

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8:59pm - 5:26am



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Aki Shibata
(b.) Tokyo, Japan
(works) Saint Paul, MN