Water Quality Sing-Along

Water Support Group
Saturday, November 19 7:00pm-9:00pm
Water Bar & Public Studio
2516 Central Ave,
Minneapolis, MN55418

Join Plotform (Jane D. Marsching + Andi Sutton) in a storytelling event that paints a portrait of the challenges facing Minnesota waters with a focus on empathy, activism, and change. Invited guests will share personal stories of water crisis, failure, challenge, solution, and connection from across the state and from a myriad of perspectives and communities. The event, a cross between an AA meeting and a Moth Story Hour, will amplify the work of water activists and advocates as well as individuals reflecting on current challenges to promote a vibrant understanding of the interconnected issues of water, ecology, place, community, policy, and behavior. Culminating in a facilitated group dialogue, it will be accompanied by a sing-a-long of water quality data from a select Twin Cities waterway as well as video projections of local waters and watery beings who inhabit them.

We will have an ASL interpereter throughout.

Water Dance Party, 9:00 PM
Stay after Water Support Group to to smooth (or sharpen) the edges and effects of the evening’s stories by dancing to selections from Plotform’s growing song archive, Songs for Water. From Tina Turner to 50 Cent, Sam Cook to Joan Jett, the Highwaymen to the Pixies, the playlist uses popular music to narrate our human relationship with water: floods, metaphors, pollution, pop, and more. What better way to be together in the mourning, reflection, rage, and celebration the evening’s stories inspire?

This event is part of a larger Plotform event, Water Quality Chorus, in R&D now for a performance June 10 2017 in Minneapolis at Northern Spark.

Project partners include:
Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund of Minnesota
Mississippi Park Connection
Prairie Fire Lady Choir
Northern Lights.MN
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Water Quality Sing-Along invites people to sing water quality data from Twin Cities watersheds. Located along the Mississippi, the piece focuses on water bodies within the Twin Cities that are often overlooked (puddles, tap water, fountain spray, etc.). We will gather samples and test 30 sites, identifying chemical and bacterial levels to see what affects human and non-human species health.

During Northern Spark 2016, there was a 45-minute performance at dawn when this water quality data was sung using a song scale drawn from songs from the last 100 years. Which songs reveal the most degraded water quality and which songs evoke clean water? Plotform invited singers and audience participants to walk a chalked map, singing first the present data set and then a possible future one. Can a song scale tell a story about the challenges our watershed faces now and into the future? Can joining our voices together in song create an embodied engagement with this essential element of our individual, community, and ecosystem health? Through this community sing-along, we seek to find out.

Jane D. Marsching and Andi Sutton are Plotform.

Interdisciplinary artist, Jane D. Marsching explores our past, present and future human impact on the environment through interdisciplinary and collaborative research-based practices.

Andi Sutton uses performance art methodologies to promote civic engagement with projects that incorporate food, agriculture, climate science, television and street intervention, participatory sculpture, and public art.


View more photos from the Water Quality Sing-Along on the Northern Spark Flickr here!


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